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Set Your Goals

on January 4, 2014


1 month
-be able to run for 10 minute without stopping
– to lose 3 kgs

How I will get there
– work on adding 10% every week to my run distance running 3 days every week
-Follow 12wbt plans and train hard no skipping sessions

3 months
-be able to do rocky river run 5km
– lose 9 kgs
How I will get there
-keep working on my running 3 days a week
– follow 12wbt eating

6 months
– be able to do botanic to bridge 8km
– lose 18kgs
How I will get there
– continue healthy lifestyle and exercise

12 months
– be able to run for 10km without running
– maintain my weightloss

How I will get there
– keep my healthy lifestyle going and exercise regularly


One response to “Set Your Goals

  1. Tara Jane says:

    Just noticed one of your 12 month goals is to run 10km without running – that’ll be an achievement! 😉 I know what you mean, and it’s an awesome goal to have. I started running last year and just ran my first 10km fun run the other day, so it’s totally achievable! Good luck with your goals, work hard and I’m sure you’ll get there.

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