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Get real

on December 30, 2013


Internal excuses

Just this once- no it won’t be don’t sabotage yourself
I’m craving it – find a healthy substitute or don’t give in to temptation
Everyone else is having it – if they jumped off a cliff would you
I’m over being good all the time – Your over being fat

External excuses

Messy kitchen – clean it
Don’t have time every night – plan ahead
It’s date night – make healthy choices
Going shopping – take my snack with me
Injured- go to movement improvement
Kids sick- workout at home

Out of my control

If any major crises happens I should have the strength to tighten my willpower muscle and keep my nutrition under control and use the gym to work through my frustration


One response to “Get real

  1. Angie says:

    I love it!! My challenge isn’t nutritional (well not focused on it) but I will be printing this phrase and pinning it on my wall. We have been slumping lately and I feel like I am being sucked into a massive vortex. I will have no ‘new year’ resolutions but my motto (again) is “this is my year”. Every year is and every year our lives are getting a bit better. It is taking its time, but as our lives transition and the boys get closer to school, where we ‘want to be’ is a matter of waiting for these things to come so in the mean time we are working on the smaller things 🙂

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