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Set Your Goals


1 month
-be able to run for 10 minute without stopping
– to lose 3 kgs

How I will get there
– work on adding 10% every week to my run distance running 3 days every week
-Follow 12wbt plans and train hard no skipping sessions

3 months
-be able to do rocky river run 5km
– lose 9 kgs
How I will get there
-keep working on my running 3 days a week
– follow 12wbt eating

6 months
– be able to do botanic to bridge 8km
– lose 18kgs
How I will get there
– continue healthy lifestyle and exercise

12 months
– be able to run for 10km without running
– maintain my weightloss

How I will get there
– keep my healthy lifestyle going and exercise regularly

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Get real


Internal excuses

Just this once- no it won’t be don’t sabotage yourself
I’m craving it – find a healthy substitute or don’t give in to temptation
Everyone else is having it – if they jumped off a cliff would you
I’m over being good all the time – Your over being fat

External excuses

Messy kitchen – clean it
Don’t have time every night – plan ahead
It’s date night – make healthy choices
Going shopping – take my snack with me
Injured- go to movement improvement
Kids sick- workout at home

Out of my control

If any major crises happens I should have the strength to tighten my willpower muscle and keep my nutrition under control and use the gym to work through my frustration

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Food diary for 20th December 2013

Yesterday was a real eye opener as to how much shit I have been eating of late. I won’t be changing things for this week except for adding more fruit again

Here it is the bad food

Protein shake
10 cashews and mac nuts
Raw dare
10 red frogs
4 orange snakes
1 and 1/2 ham and lettuce, tomato, cucumber white bread sandwich
2 handfuls of pretzels
Dare double expresso
Nuggets and fries
Choc pudding and ice cream

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Write down everything I eat

Over the next 7 days I need to write down everything I eat so I will be posting my meals. Tomorrow maybe interesting as we are travelling up north to see my in laws for the day. Also on Wednesday is Christmas Day and I usually over eat every year


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Just watch me

Just watch me

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